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Here you will find some kind words we have received from our residents and their families.  We are proud to have earned such glowing remarks!  


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HFF     4/14/2017    
Daughter of a Resident

I moved my mother to the Kensington, after she spent several years at a competitive assisted living facility and a nursing home. The level of care at the Kensington was so much better then the other institutions that my mother never complained about her care (like she did about the other places) and looked forward to happy hour every day!
The superior medical care she received kept her from making numerous trips to the hospital, which happened at the first assisted living facility she stayed at.
As the person responsible for her care, I was always comfortable that the staff at the Kensington was taking good care of her. I recommend the Kensington highly to anyone that asks. It would be hard to imagine a better place for assisted living for those who need the enhanced services that the Kensington provides.

Bea S.     12/12/2016    
A Day as a Resident of The Kensington

It’s time to wake up to start the day. I try to fit in all the things I have to do that day and wait for the aide to come in and say good morning. Sure enough at 7:15 Jean comes in and gives me a kiss on the head and says, “Good morning Bea, I love you.” She said, “Are you ready?” And I say, “Yes I am.” I try to help her as much as I can so that she can get all of the residents that she is in charge of to breakfast on time. There it is 7:25 and I am ready, but before that I am lucky because Camille and her staff give me my breakfast meds so that I am all ready for my day. They are so devoted that it is a pleasure and I wait for nothing.

I’m at the concierge desk with a smiling Linda or a smiling Diane. They help me with finishing touches on what I’m wearing. Into the dining room with all the new machines. We have hot chocolate and hot water available and coffee available which is a treat. I proceed to my table and the waiter comes with, “The usual?” How he remembers everybody’s “usual” is wonderful. Yana is there with a smile and ready to help you with a cup of tea or hot chocolate while you are waiting. 8:00 arrives and so does the server with the “usual”. It is a delight to start the day with such caring. Breakfast is over and ready for activities.

Krystiane has a lovely program each day and has staff to help her. We also have Judi who is available to help us with memory activities, most helpful. Meanwhile, housekeeping is collecting laundry. And the painter in the dining room is doing his job as he does all day and all night. Jerry from the maintenance department always comes in and says hello to everybody and helps wherever he can.

Morning activities are complete and it is time for lunch. After lunch we have guest speakers, and exercise with Gina and staff. Then on Thursday, we have an exciting program of making jewelry with Nancy as the teacher who is an exceptional, gifted person, caring for everyone that comes in. We just had a jewelry show to show our appreciation for her guidance. Friday we enjoy a Shabbat with Doc Nadler and it is something to look forward to. We also have Marsha who is like the mother of all of us. She runs book clubs and reminiscing club and helps with games, etc.

Actually, it is a place to be safe, to be busy, and take advantage of the place that we are in. I am also lucky to have two wonderful neighbors, Camille and Greg!

Good luck to all of us!

Lisa S.     11/3/2016    
I will cherish our time at The Kensington, always...

Dear Celina:

It has been six months since my father, Philip's, passing, and I am grateful, every day, for the care he received at The Kensington. Please extend my gratitude to the entire Kensington family.

Thank you for enriching my father's life over four and a half years. I know he was deeply appreciative. He would want to wish everyone well.

Thank you, also, for your generosity toward me. Your warm and welcoming community sustained us both. I will cherish our time at The Kensington, always.

Thank you for your kindness. Thank you all for your friendship. Thinking of you all.

Carol P     7/28/2016    
Daughter of a Resident

Dear Celina,
Over three years ago, I sat down with Kathy Gorup as a stressed-out daughter whose mother was in need of assisted living. I didn't know where to start. My mother had dementia arid was confined to a wheelchair. Kathy let me talk and then very calmly told me how Kensington could help. I'll always be thankful for Kathy's wonderful counsel.

Mom came to live at Kensington in Memory Care on Connections. Joanne made sure she felt at home each and every day. Mom remained there until her recent death. I believe she lived as long as she did because of the incredible care given by each and every person in the Kensington family. I spent a lot of time visiting my mom at "the K".

I got to know and love the people who surrounded her in her daily life. It was a happy place to be and I always felt warmed by the fact that those who took care of her really cared about her. In fact, two of her caregivers, Marcia and Barbara, took care of Mom from the very first day she arrived and they remained with her through her last days.

On many birthdays and other special occasions, we would reserve the private dining room to celebrate with Mom. Those are special memories. She felt like she was on vacation. Norm and all the servers knew her name and what she liked.

On any given day, Mom would enjoy playing Bingo or listening to an entertainer sing or watching Donna bake cakes for the residents. She took day trips to the Dinner Theater and Rye Beach. She had her hair done every week at the salon downstairs. All these activities helped her enjoy life with dignity and joy.

There were times when Mom was feeling under the weather. Each and every nurse who cared for her did so with skill and kindness. Certainly, at the end of her days, the care she received at the K was exceptional. Mary Ann and Marie made sure she had everything she could possibly need to make her comfortable. Our family felt the love of the Kensington community as a whole.

From the very first day I walked through the Kensington doors, until the last day, I felt part of the Kensington Family. Celina, you have much to be proud of. Each and every person employed by you is outstanding. They are not only quite competent, but even more importantly, they are beautiful human beings. I can't begin to name every special person at the K because they are all special.

Thank you. I will miss you all.

Marta R.     12/12/2015    
Daughter of Resident

Dear Joanne

There are no words to adequately thank The Kensington for caring so well for my father over the past two and half years. When he began living in White Plains, my first experience was great relief: my cellphone caller ID never showed an emergency phone call from The Kensington - unless it truly was. As I told my distant family members, I could see that this was a place where the entire staff felt valued and worked as a team with a combination of professionalism and kindness that we hadn’t experienced at previous facilities.

Over the course of the next two years certain staff members stood out - Andrew, Michael, Bianca, Herma, Rubi, Joanne, Marie. But I was also aware that there were many whose names I didn’t learn who were ready with a smile and a hello for Ralph Renzi, whether their roles were nursing, housekeeping, maintenance, programming or caretaking.

It wasn’t until my father was dying that I fully realized how well he was known at The Kensington - and known in a way that even his family - especially his family - couldn’t know him: unconditionally, intimately, and with no need for him to act as the younger man he had once been. Whether the 1:1 caretakers with him in his final days, or staff just stopping into his room to see how he was faring, I realized that he had become an important part of The Kensington community, just as he had been in Williamstown in his earlier years.

I am left with profound respect for the steady caring that didn’t judge him - or us! - but accepted and enjoyed him as he was at the moment, making him to feel comfortable and loved, which in turn allowed me to have a new, easier relationship with him.

I recently received notice that a tree has been planted in Massachusetts in his honor, which is a perfect tribute. I’ve attached his obituary and a photo that I like to call Ralph the Baptist.

I hope you’ll find a way to share this with everyone who he touched, and who touched him.


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