Our Partners


Founder Partner, The Kensington  

Tiffany Tomasso

Founding Partner,

Kensington Senior Living


I CARE about seniors with every fiber of my being. Memories of volunteering at a nursing home as a young teen and living with my grandparents for six years are precious...they inspired my professional calling. I have worked with, around and among seniors for over 26 years. I love what I do, and I wake up every day eager to use my talents to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our residents. More About Tiffany...


  • Passionate

  • Inspirational

  • Savvy


Founder Partner, The Kensington  

Steve Lampa

Founding Partner,

Kensington Senior Living


I ASPIRE to create a superior experience where our residents can be themselves and enjoy life to the fullest extent possible. The deepest impression that caregiving for my Dad left upon me was his struggle to remain independent in the face of challenges imposed by age. I am personally moved and committed to cultivate and provide only the highest levels of service that enable seniors to thrive.


  • Dedicated
  • Thorough
  • Fair
Founding & Managing Patner, The Kensington  

Dave Faeder

Founding & Managing Partner,

Fountain Square Properties


I love to help BUILD great teams, great properties, and great communities. It is a real joy to see our properties come alive and then thrive as communities. I see our seniors active and having fun, I see their families engaged and enjoying themselves, and I see how important our role in the overall community becomes. It makes me proud to be able to work with everyone that helps make that happen.


  • Open-minded
  • Loyal
  • Optimistic
Founding Partner, The Kensington  

Dan Gorham

Founding Partner,

Fountain Square Properties


I CAPITALIZE on understanding the business of financing real estate. For any venture to succeed, strong financial underpinnings are essential. I help drive the development of The Kensington by keeping my finger on the pulse of market conditions and trends. I then identify ways to preserve fiscal stability, which in turn, result in security for our residents.


  • Invested
  • Focused
  • Strategic
Founding Partner, The Kensington  


Harley Cook

Founding Partner,
Kensington Senior Development


I DEVELOP beautiful homes for seniors. With 25 years of real estate development behind me, I have a vast inventory of knowledge that enables me to skillfully navigate and direct the entire development process‚ finding land, obtaining approvals, building design and construction. I am a progressive thinker and remain open to cutting edge industry developments that improve resident safety and comfort.


  • Observant
  • Thoughtful
  • Resourceful



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